The AGC Group is a multinational company with operations in over 20 countries for a total of over 300 subsidiaries and over 50,000 group employees worldwide. Under the banner of our group vision,"Look Beyond", all of us at the AGC Group are united in relentlessly pursuing operational excellence with the aim of creating new value.

Our Group Vision: "Look Beyond"

'Look Beyond'

"Look Beyond" is the AGC Group's corporate philosophy on which all the activities of the Group are founded. The following thoughts are expressed in "Look Beyond".
We will continuously
"Look Beyond" …..Anticipate and envision the future.
"Look Beyond" ..…Have perspectives beyond our own fields of expertise.
"Look Beyond"…..Pursue Innovation, not becoming complacent with the status quo.
We will continue to create value worldwide, demonstrating the vast potential of the Group's entire organization

Our Mission

We, the AGC Group, "Look Beyond" to make the world a brighter place.The value we at the AGC Group offer to the world is "brightness". We set it as our Mission to provide the value, and we aspire to be an enterprise with a shiny and bright future

Our Shared Values

Our Shared Values" expresses the key ideas that all AGC Group members must share as the basis for every action we take.
The following four values are shared by each Group member in order to achieve our mission:

(1) Innovation & Operational Excellence
We will seek innovations in technology, product and services beyond conventional concepts and frameworks.
We will create value directed at our current and potential customer needs, accounting for changes in the business environment and, social and market evolution.
We will continuously improve all aspects of our operations striving to achieve benchmark performance.

(2) Diversity
We will respect individual diversity of varied capabilities and personalities.
We will respect cultural diversity of race, ethnicity, religion, language and nationality.
We will respect different perspectives and opinions at all times.

(3) Environment
We will contribute to creation of a sustainable society in harmony with nature as a successful and responsible global citizen.
We will strive to ensure and further improve occupational health and safety in our working environment.

(4) Integrity
We will build open and fair relationships with all of our stakeholders based on the highest ethical standards.
We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
We will fulfill our contractual and legal responsibilities to achieve customer satisfaction and trust.

Our Spirit:"Never take the easy way out, but confront difficulties"

"Our Spirit" expresses the pioneering spirit of our founder, Toshiya Iwasaki, who overcame numerous difficulties and founded Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
It is the underlying AGC spirit which all of the Group members must pass on from generation to generation and put into practice.

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