Message from the President


Message from the President
Introduction, Retrospect and Prospect


Mr. Masahiro TAKEDA, President of AGC Flat Glass China

Once the Marketing Manager in Japan headquarters of AGC Group, now Mr. TAKEDA is enjoying his career and life in China. He takes care of two manufacturing factories and 7 sales subsidiaries in China mainland and Hong Kong, yet he also manages to spare time for entertainment with his beloved cat which was successfully brought to China from Japan after great efforts to pass the severe inspection procedure. He reads a lot about Chinese history and knows many historic figures and events. The deepest impression in China for him is the Jinghang Grand Canal which is the oldest and longest manual-canal in the world. When he walks across the bridge over the Canal, seeing it still in use nowadays after such a long history, “My strong feeling is that this is China! And I’m in China!” Said Mr. TAKEDA.


Our Vision
We, AGC Flat Glass China, belong to AGC Group-the No.1 glass manufacturer in the world. We cherish AGC Group Vision Look Beyond.

At the same time, as a member of AGC Flat Glass BU which is headquartered in Belgium and has operations in Europe, North America and Japan/Asia, AGC Flat Glass China also treasures the vision of AGC Flat Glass Company as “To Be The Best Recognized Flat Glass Products Supplier in the World”.

Based on the above, Our Business Policy is “To be a reliable and respectable glass supplier by highest quality and service!” and we are proud of our strengths:

  • Differentiated production technology and know-how for body float glass


  • Strong expertise in coating


  • Long experience of offering effective solutions for customers


Our Commitment & Message to Customers

  • We would like to contribute to China through a wide product range in architectural, automotive and industrial fields.


  • We would like to contribute to Chinese People through introducing new products suitable for Chinese climate, culture and lifestyle.


  • We would like to provide more options for Architects in designing, more business opportunities for glass processors, and more cost saving for end users, through the introduction of highest quality energy-saving product line-ups.


Our Organization: Two Manufacturing Factories and Seven Sales Offices
AGC Flat Glass China operates two manufacturing factories: AGC Flat Glass (Dalian) Co., Ltd & AGC Flat Glass (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, and runs seven sales offices in Dalian, Suzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and Chengdu.

With an experienced and professional sales team, we supply world class automotive, architectural and industrial glass to China and other Asian areas.

Retrospect for the Year 2007
The year 2007 is a year of good preparation for big growth in the bright future.

  • Local Production of CVD Coating Glass
    After cold repair, AGC Flat Glass (Dalian) Co., Ltd. started producing online coated glass in July 2007 with CVD Technology. We also have conducted successful trials in quality, delivery and application for the new products. Good preparation has been done for production and promotion in 2008.

  • Network Integration
    We re-organized our network by integrating CT Choy Company Limited, which had contributed to introducing energy-saving products from AGC Flat Glass Europe (formerly Glaverbel Group) for a long time, as important service network from July 1st.

    As the result, we have a new network of 7 sales offices in China. These offices become a window for all AGC group products not only from Europe but from Japan, Thailand and so on.
  • AFHK Established
    A new sales & marketing office AGC Flat Glass (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (AFHK) was established in April, 2007., for sales and marketing activities of architectural glass and industrial ultra-thin glass in China mainland, Hong Kong and Macau.

  • China Glass 2007 Exhibition
    This is a kick off occasion for AGC Flat Glass China to enter energy-saving architectural glass business with full scale. Through the exhibition we got closer to the market, and introduced our wide range of first class products to professionals from both China and overseas.

  • Partner Processors
    We kick off partner relationship with qualified glass processors all over China in 2007 and a competitive supply chain is being formed characterized by AGC high quality primary glass and local high processing ability.

Prospect for the Year 2008
The year 2008 will be a year of big growth both in production and promotion for AGC Flat Glass China, based on the full preparation in the year 2007.

  • Energy-saving Market is Booming
    Energy-saving is a highlighted issue in China both from economical and environmental aspects. The market of coating glass with energy-saving functions especially Low-E glass is booming.

  • To be a Reliable Supplier of Good Energy-saving Solutions
    I believe that good energy-saving products will enjoy a bright future in China. With CVD coating technology and severe quality management system, I can say that we are confident to contribute good energy-saving solutions to a fast growing market here.

  • Automotive Glass Market Follows Growth of Auto Industry
    We focus on expanding domestic business in automotive raw glass business following automobile industry trend. We have confidence that our products match well with our customers’ request for excellent quality, from the aspects of production experience, technology, and market sense of AGC Group.

  • Efforts to be Well-recognized
    We’re not satisfied with a small market share in China at the moment; however we are not just pursuing market share in the future. Instead, we’d like to be well recognized by Chinese public through providing high technology products and customer-oriented service.

    We’re making plans to attend glass exhibitions and take visiting activities in the future to introduce our products to the public. But the primary concept is that the product itself should be necessary and suitable for our age. This is the key factor for us to be well-recognized.


  • Continue and Maintain Partnership with Qualified Processors
    We have started cooperation with some qualified processors all over China. We’ll surely maintain this supply chain in the future.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to our partner processors. Only with your trust, support and participation can we work out masterpieces of architectural glass.